It is the east and Juliet is the sun…


Today is the 16th anniversary of my first sunrise at Pickle Bay. When I arrived on October 1, 1999 – after a 350 mile drive – I had no idea what was in store for me.  The house – or “hovel” as it had been referred to – was a small yellow stuccoed cottage – recently purchased and intended to be renovated. It was in very bad condition, but I sensed familiarity.  Walking up to the door I had the feeling I was back in Carovilli – the birthplace of my father in Italy.  A bit ancient by our standards; primitive but inviting; welcoming: Home!  The morning of that sunrise gave opportunity for a passage from Shakespeare that I had memorized in the eighth grade.  He said I learned it for just this occasion.


Such stuff as dreams are made on

The designer wants to make a better thing.  More beautiful, more functional, the way he wants it. There are many ways to go but restrictions abound.  Do the best with what you have. The best of what you have – is YOU.