The Dream Continues

From the start, when I became single again, I knew I would be selling the house and moving back from which I came.  It was clear and elementary.  I would leave one dream home for another.  This one was conceived and evolved from the rubble of its predecessor.  It took both of us to make it what it is – our own.  The next would be a solo effort and not a new build.

The two of us had often mused about buying a fixer-upper in my old neighborhood. How fun it would be using found objects, salvaged discards and turning a “could-be-tear-down” into a jewel.  That started me on a fantasy search for the dream canvas: good bones, good location.   I never likes split levels…well, since the 60’s, I never liked split levels.  But there was one that caught my eye.  It had unique qualities.  We both, in fact, loved the lines of that house.  From the start, when I became single again, I knew that would be the one.  Right now I’ve let go of that idea.

Funny, how dreams in general evolve.  Wants, needs – life – come to play in the light of reality.  I found myself binging on HDTV.  I was reminded that anything is possible.  I’ve always been able to see potential in a chicken coop.  I love the idea of DIY with my own ideas and style.  I have hope and faith that the perfect house will become available when I am ready for it.  Just as I met my dream man once we were ready for each other.  April has always been a good month for me….



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