Here today


So after living at Pickle Bay for thirteen years, I am now finding myself taking walks all the time.  This is a new activity for me. In the past – in my old home town – it was always important that I live near a bus stop. I needed the comfort of knowing that I could get downtown without a car.  I guess it goes back to being still too young for a driver’s license.  Now I live less than three miles from the city center. Within ten minutes, I can walk and get the best morning glory muffin ever made by a team of father and sons.  Their black currant granola is like crack to me.

Life is full of changes.  Things happen – sometimes quickly, without much warning.  One event can set off a collision not unlike the wave of carefully set up dominoes yielding to the touch of a finger.  We are forced to let go of the status quo.  But within that pile of dotted tiles, there lies something magical: Opportunity.  A new way of seeing: Innovation. Creativity! These phenomena are in all of us and yet often take an earthquake of sorts to release their existence.

One day soon I will be returning to the place of my youth.  It will be a new opportunity – one which will include learning to make my own granola.  I will ask my friends down the road for their recipe.


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